Who We Serve

Dragonstone Counselling is well known in the community for serving a diverse clientele. We welcome people of all ages, genders, identities, and orientations. Our founders, practitioners, and clients have brought great depth to Dragonstone through the diverse lived experiences that they have shared with us. These many contributions have created our capacity to hold space, and to serve people from all walks of life, without judgement.

Dragonstone has long been a place of safety, acceptance, and understanding. We maintain a profound respect for the courage of our clients, and we are committed to supporting, advocating, and bearing witness for all people who walk through our door.

We offer a variety of counselling including individual, couples, triads, group, marriage, and family counselling. We offer counselling in multiple langauges including English, Spanish and Farsi.

Located in Kitsilano, Vancouver BC     Phone: 604.738.7557     info@dragonstonecounselling.ca