Counselling Services

We offer holistically centered counselling to a diverse clientele.

Counselling, or talk therapy, is a proven method of improving mental health and wellness. It is a collaborative, active process that creates lasting change in your life. Counselling offers a safe, confidential space for you to talk about anything you want, without fear of judgement.

Our practitioners integrate a variety of approaches to best help you, including client centred, feminist, anti-oppression, DBT, CBTand EMDR. We can offer short-term solution focused therapy or longer term depth therapy.


You may benefit from counselling if you're looking to enhance your life in any of these ways:

  • healing from past hurt, problems or trauma that are getting in the way of current happiness
  • developing tools for managing anxiety, depression or stress
  • learning better communication skills and  finding ways to productively deal with conflict
  • getting unstuck from negative patterns that are holding you back
  • geting out of crisis and moving to a place of stability and support
  • building self esteem and thriving in life
  • support and guidance navigating situational or systemic barriers that are outside of your control.
  • Counselling is primarily talk therapy, but can also involve doing expressive work, such as drawing, journalling, or colouring. We are also equipped with sandtray therapy for people of all ages.

    Counselling isn't just for for individuals. Marriage and family counselling, or couples counselling, can help build stronger and healthier connections. Relationship counselling is possible for any type of relationship, including partners, siblings, parents and adult children, or friends.

    Lower Cost Counselling Services *Our low cost program is currently full. Please check back here for updates.*

    In addition to our regular counselling services, we also offer lower cost counselling for clients facing significant financial barriers. This is primarily done through referring agencies, but we also take self-referrals.

    Lower cost counselling is $40/session and up. We offer lower cost counselling for people who are not able to afford regular cost counselling due to living on disability, longer term under/unemployment, or other significant financial challenges. In keeping with our core values of offering respectful and informed care to people who have experienced marginalization, we prioritize lower cost counselling for the following groups of people:

  • people with disabilities and chronic health conditions
  • newcomers to Canada, including undocumented newcomers
    • LGBTQ people
  • Black, Indigenous and People of Colour
  • Single parents
  • To find out more about lower cost counselling, including wait list time, please call our general intake line at 604 738 7557.


    Located in Kitsilano, Vancouver BC     Phone: 604.738.7557