Welcome to Dragonstone! Here you will find a community of counsellors offering holistic services integrating mind, body, and spirit. We practice individual, relationship, and family counselling for diverse clients of all ages and genders in Vancouver, BC.

Our practitioners hail from many walks of life, representing the rich diversity of our communities. Collectively, our team integrates a variety of approaches, creating an environment inviting to LGBTQ+ folks, and people of all genders, cultures, and sub-cultures. Our team includes counsellors speaking a variety of languages.


Dragonstone was founded by Christine Waymark and Robin Renie over 30 years ago, with a vision of offering informed, respectful counselling to the community. The values and passion they established live on at Dragonstone.

Holistic Healing

We believe that healing arises when we attend to mind, body, spirit & our relationship to all that is around us.

Social Justice

We recognize many challenges people face are related to systemic issues and practice using anti-oppressive frameworks.


We embrace each person’s unique experience of culture, gender, race, sexuality, income level, age, ability, spirituality, family, and other significant influences.


We are committed to fostering a sense of belonging by encouraging mutual support and connection, and developing resources that build community.

Sliding-scale Program

In addition to our regular counselling services, we also offer affordable counselling for clients facing significant financial barriers (unemployed, under-employed, marginalization). Typically, we will match you with a qualified intern. Partners may have sliding scale availability as well. Please feel free to check-in with a counsellor directly. To find out more about lower cost counselling, including wait list time, please call or email our general intake line at:

  • 604 738 7557

  • dragonstone.counselling@gmail.com

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