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Dragonstone Counselling

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About Us

Welcome to Dragonstone! Here you will find a community of counsellors offering holistic services integrating mind, body, and spirit. We practice individual, relationship, and family counselling for diverse clients of all ages and genders in Vancouver, BC…


Meet Our Team

Renee Parker, M.A. RCC

I have a gentle and compassionate approach to counselling. My clients are adult women of all ages and all sexual orientations…

Ginny Wong, M.C. RCC

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor with over 30 years of experience as a community-based social worker serving immigrants and refugees…

Beth Horton, M. Ed. RCC

My intention is to support clients in living with a sense of personal power, self-acceptance, and balance. Identifying what you need sounds simple, but it is a struggle for all of us…

Alex Regier, M.A. RCC

Discovering that there is a different way to do things gives us the freedom to change and make healthier choices for ourselves…

Carsen Farmer, M.C. RCC

A counsellor, adventurer, and proponent of social justice, I work to promote human well- being. I enjoy exploring diverse perspectives, finding common ground, and seeing the bigger picture…

Nic Rivela, M.Ed. RCC, CCC

We are all capable of creating new sustainable patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. We have an immense capacity to grow and to heal…

Our Office

Unit 203 - 4676 Main Street


V5V 3R7

We encourage you to contact a counsellor directly. You can read more about our team members here.


Contact Us

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